About Us

Wynn Locations is a full-service film location agency based in downtown Los Angeles that specializes in managing film productions for fully occupied residential and mixed-use buildings as well as historical and unique properties.

The Agency was founded in January 2002 as a unique full-service location agency linking property owners with the entertainment industry. Working with building owners, residents, HOAs and the entertainment industry, we have developed guidelines for each of the properties we represent which serves to maximize filming revenue with a keen focus on minimizing the impact on building residents and historic properties. We also take pride in our solid reputation within the filming community as one of the best full-service agencies in Los Angeles.

Our full-service offering is responsible for all aspects of the location rental transaction including marketing individual projects, screening appropriate filming opportunities, providing property tours with location scouts, negotiating business terms, preparing owner approved “production operational plans” and site maps, preparing the operative contract documents, securing appropriate insurance and training on-site location representatives on the scope of each shoot.

Our skilled site representatives manage the production crews and ensure the scope and regulations of each job are respected. Our singular focus is providing a framework for filming in and around occupied residential projects which respect quality of life issues for the residents while ensuring successful and hassle-free productions for film companies.